About Bronze Cactus

About Bronze Cactus

Hey Babes! I’m Amber, the owner of Bronze Cactus Sunless. After rebranding in 2021, my business has been officially trademarked as Bronze Cactus. It was formerly recognized as Desert Bronze Glow. I used to bake under the Sun and in Tanning Beds daily, until I moved to Australia in 2011. Over there I learned just how vital skincare was, how important it is to add something with SPF to your daily routine, and just how damaging UV rays can be to your youthful skin. That’s when I found out about Spray Tans and Self-Tanners! It was like instant confidence in a bottle! I mean, that’s why we all like to be tan, isn't it? A good Spray Tan or Self-Tanner puts a spark in your eye every time you give yourself the once over, just makes you feel like you have a little extra something. Well, that’s when I stopped chasing Tanning Beds started getting my Bronzed Tan from a bottle.

After a couple of years of being back home, my babies were basically grown, most of them moved out and I wanted to do something for me. I wanted to create a business where I could educate everyone around me that there was a better way to still look good without harming your delicate skin in the beds and what's better then being able to make people feel confident about themselves in the process! I took some courses for Spray Tanning and have researched hours upon hours for the best products to use in my industry. 

I was voted Best of Southern Utah in 2020; that was a huge accomplishment to me. I decided I wanted more for my business, really make a name for myself, so I set my goals higher and wanted to create my own product line.  With many, many sleepless nights, numerous emails to manufacturers, I finally found a company that I love and that could help me formulate my products. Bronze Cactus was launched in February 2020. Bronze Cactus products are made with natural ingredients. These products are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. 

I preach self-tanners only to teach as many people as possible there is a way to be beautifully tan without harsh rays on your skin, but I know during the warmer months laying out in the sun just feels so good! We are now offering tanning oil that still has protection, because if you gorgeous babes are at the beach or your own back yard I want you to be using something safe on your skin!I’m so proud of what I have developed and can’t wait for them to be apart of your beauty routine. I know you will love them as much as I do!

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