Causes of Streaks and Stripes in your Spray Tan

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Self-tanning and spray tanning had advanced much from the days when people worried that they would become orange and look terrible.

There may be a variety of causes for "streaks" to occur after you've rinsed off your tan, as well as a variety of solutions you might try.

1. Skin Flaws and an Uneven Tan Fade

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As the spray tan begins to fade unevenly on some sections of the customer's skin, the tanned skin in some situations may end up looking patchy. The most common cause of this is the alcohol that was present in your tanning solution.

When opposed to water-based solutions, alcohol causes the skin to fade patchy and can be in dry skin. The speedier drying process causes these noticeable spots and uneven discolorations.

Another frequent scenario for these kinds of spray tan issues is if the consumer already had a coat of spray tan that wasn't thoroughly removed and exfoliated before you sprayed over it.

Make sure the solution you are using is water-based rather than one that is combined with alcohol to prevent this kind of problem in the future. Check to see if the client exfoliated their skin before the session.

2. The Development of Lines on the Elbows and Knees of the Customer

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White lines on your elbows and knees after getting a spray tan are caused by the client not being positioned appropriately during that part of the spray tan, much like the problem with white lines appearing on your knuckles. Make sure your client's arms and legs are bent when you spray tan their joints.

3. After spray tanning, stained toenails, and fingernails

When spray tan solution is applied to nails, they do have a tendency to change color. Normally, this color will rub off after you rinse the bronzers away, but you can completely prevent this by applying a moisturizing tab to each nail prior to spray tanning!

4. The Morning After Patchy Spray Tan

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If the customer's tan appeared faultless immediately following the spray tanning session but had obvious spots the next morning, it is likely that they were sleeping with their arm, hand, leg, or face on another area of their body. In this case, unevenness and patchy patterns appear as a result of the tan spreading from one area of the skin to another.

This typically occurs when a person gets a spray tan and goes to bed too soon while the tan is still fresh and tacky.

Telling your client to wait till their spray tan doesn't feel tacky and sticky before going to bed is a straightforward solution to this problem. Tell them to put on some comfortable pajamas and sleep in them if they must go to bed while their tan is still new. Add if it looks streaky you most likely didn’t rinse cosmetics bronzer off all the way. Jump back in and little rub that area.

5. Prominent Knuckle Marks

You might be having trouble getting your client's knuckles and thumbs completely covered, just like with the elbow and knee lines. If this is the case, instruct your customer to spray tan the outside of their hands while forming a claw as if they are gripping an intangible orange. This will prevent the skin around their knuckle joints from wrinkling, allowing you to easily and uniformly cover this area.

6. Clients' Underarms Turned Green

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Likely, your client didn't remove the deodorant residue before the spray tanning session if their armpits turn greenish instead of tan and bronze. The reason for the "green armpit" issue is a reaction between several chemicals present in regular deodorants and the bronzers used in spray tanning products.

How to get rid of streaks

We advise beginning to buff out and remove the tan using our tips and tricks here before reapplying with a gradual tanning moisturizer, which will gradually top up color while keeping your skin nourished, if you have applied and rinsed off your tan and are now noticing streaks.
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