Do organic self-tanners really exist, and will they ever be fully organic?

Do organic self-tanners really exist, and will they ever be fully organic?

The only positive impact of the recent worst pandemic crisis is consumers' shift towards healthier lifestyles. They have now become more cautious and vigilant about the products they are consuming. This has led to customers being inclined more toward organic products. Though, some brands took advantage of this shift in consumer behavior and used it as a marketing gimmick to sell their products.

Anything with the ORGANIC label tends to sell easily. How did this affect the brands selling self-tanners? There are many brands out there that are supposedly selling organic self-tanners. But are they really natural and free from chemicals? To find out this, we first need to understand what it means to be an organic tanner and whether they are safe for your skin.

Do organics Self-Tanners Really Exist?


Well, that’s a little complex topic of discussion. Self-tanners might be legally certified as Organic, but they may be loaded with chemicals despite that. The primary ingredient used in self-tanners is dihydroxyacetone, and it is the active ingredient responsible for giving your skin a sun-kissed tan effect. Though DHA can also be obtained from the natural food products like sugarcane or beets, we can not be completely sure of this as they are also manufactured synthetically.

Will Self-Tanners Ever Be Fully Organic?


Fully organic or not…what we can do while purchasing self-tanners to look for products with less chemicals and more natural ingredients like plant & flower-derived extracts, aloe vera, natural oils, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, etc. Another important factor to consider is that the product should be vegan, cruelty-free, and not tested on animals. Besides, there are self-tanning products that are fully organic and safe. To ensure that the product is organic, it must be certified by the USDA, which guarantees to be organic. They are made with water and plant-based natural ingredients.

Get Radiant Summer Glowing Skin With 100% Safe Self-Tanning Products



Summers are about to start, and the best part about summers is the tan glow you get while enjoying your beach time. But it does not necessarily mean you need to expose your body to harmful sun rays to get that sun-kissed radiant glow on your skin.

All the products at Bronze Cactus Sunless are made with 100% natural derived organic ingredients and are cruelty-free. We are strictly against testing our products on animals. Since they are chemical-free, they are completely safe for your skin

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