Spray Tanning Tips

Spray Tanning Tips

Whether you want to achieve a tan glow to glam up for an event or want an even tone sun-kissed glow all year round, spray tanning can be your perfect companion!!

Spray tanning is a faux method of getting a natural tanned look without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. It is a safe and convenient way to get that bronzed tan glow on your skin. However, while considering spray tanning for your skin, it is essential to be cautious and do it the right way with a proper prior prep-up and after-care.

Prep Up Tips before Spray Tanning 

Let’s check out what to do before a spray tan session:

  • Pick the right shade: It is crucial to choose the right shade of tan, keeping your skin tone in mind to get that realistic natural bronze glow. Consult with your spray tan artist on that tan look you want and what kind of event it’s for. That way they can customize it perfect for you.

  • Exfoliate: Get rid of the dead skin cells and sebum that build up on your skin. Gently exfoliate your skin, especially the dryer areas that tend to be darker, i.e., elbows and knees. You need to put at least 8 hours prior to your spray tan appointment.

  • Shave or wax a day before: Shave or wax 24 hours beforehand for your spray tan appointment. Not shaving your skin will let the spray get on the hairs and result in an uneven tan. Also, avoid shaving after getting spray tan as it will fade the tan sooner.

  • Hydrate your skin: Getting spray tan on dull and dehydrated skin will result in an uneven patchy tan. Hence, it’s essential to pamper your skin from within by eating the right food. Drink enough water and eat fruits that help you stay hydrated.

  • Avoid pre-tan moisturizing: Do not use moisturizer, oil, or gel for at least 12 hours before getting a spray tan. Applying moisture will leave a moisture film on your skin that will hinder the absorption of the tan color.

  • Manicure/Pedicure: You would not want your nails getting pale or stained after the tan session. To avoid that, do your manicure and pedicure in advance before the appointment. Also, skip getting a manicure or pedicure just after the session, as it will cause the tan to fade sooner.

  • Avoid wearing any makeup, deodorants, or perfumes: Wearing makeup before the tan session is a big NO as it can ruin your tanning experience. Do not wear any makeup to avoid the blockage of the tanning solution to soak into your skin. Avoid any kind of lotion, oil, gel, perfume, or deodorants before heading to the tanning session. Have a shower, clean up and hydrate yourself, and you are good to go.

  • Wear loose-fitting, dark color clothing: Choosing the right outfit is also one crucial point to keep in mind before prepping up for the tanning session. Wear something in dark color and loose-fitting to prevent rubbing off on your tan. 

    After-Care Tips To Make The Spray Tan Last Longer

    Now when you are done with all the prior prep-up before heading out for a spray tan, below are some of the tips you can follow to make sure your tan lasts longer:

    • Apply tanning oils or mix them with moisturizers to boost up retain the tan color 
    • Avoid swimming pools and long hot-water showers
    • Use oil-free moisturizers regularly after tanning session to deepen the tan glow 
    • Always wear sunscreen to protect your skin and skin tan from UV rays
    • Don’t exfoliate or use a gentle exfoliator as over-exfoliating skin will fade the tan
    Tan It & Let It Glow Girl!

    Tan fun without the sun is now possible with spray tanning! However, getting the tan the right way is hard, but so is our life. Worry not; prepare yourself up for the excellent tanning session and book an appointment with Bronze Cactus Sunless to get gorgeously glowing skin. We also offer a wide range of products, including self-tanning products, skincare, teeth whitening, and more to get that ultimate gleaming glow.


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