Tanning Oil

How Tanning Oil Works

People use tanning oil to boost up the process of tanning when they are out in the sun. The best tanning oils engage more of the UV rays that help you to achieve a perfect bronzed tan by allowing for an increase in the absorption of the rays. Olive, and coconut oil - might contribute to a perfect tan when used in their natural state, but of course, these lack SPF protection.

When you apply Bronze tanning oil with SPF 15 to your skin, it decreases the refractive index of your skin and allows for more of the rays to penetrate. You’ll get a perfect bronzed tan, sure, but how healthy the process is for your skin is another story.


Tanning Oil Role

Tanning oils contain a small amount of SPF compared to a sunscreen lotion, which actually provides protection from the sun’s rays. Tanning oils don't protect your skin, rather they can make the skin more receptive to sunburn because of the increased exposure.


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